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The Eye Encyclopedia of the 21st Century

The Eye Manual is an online database of ocular conditions, diagnosis codes, medications, contact lenses, and images to be used during patient care. 

Search conditions and clinical findings by categories.

Browse and search the media bank of ocular conditions. Filter results by structure or diagnostic test. 

Search ocular and systemic medications and filter results by selecting the desired category, form, component, dosage, pregnancy safety profile, age of patient, and contraindications.

Develop differential diagnoses based on clinical findings. 

Perform a comprehensive search of all available contact lenses, including specialty lenses. Filter and sort results based on various lens parameters, such as type, modality, replacement schedule, manufacturer, brand, base curve, diameter, and refractive power. 

Quickly access important clinical resources, norms, and grading criteria.

Search associated conditions of ophthalmic and systemic conditions.

Search the ICD-10 Diagnosis Code database and filter results by keywords.

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